Engineering Services

REFAP - Alberto Pasqualini Refinery
2011 - 2014

Provision of engineering services, design of projects and technical assistance to works, field surveys to review documents as built, for Petrobras’s refinery Alberto Pasqualini - REFAP. The 32,000m3/d plant is located in the Canoas city, Rio Grande do Sul state, and accounts for 10% of the country's refining installed capacity. Its main products include diesel and gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil, aviation kerosene, and solvents amongst others.

REPAR - Getúlio Vargas Refinery
Timeline: 2011 - 2014

Field technical surveying services, as-built revision and updating of engineering technical documentation regarding the Asphalt Removal Unit (u-2500) for Petrobras - refinery President Getúlio Vargas- REPAR, located in the municipality of Araucária –Paraná. The Presidente Getúlio Vargas Refinery (REPAR) has a throughput of 33,000 m3 of oil per day and is the fifth largest refinery in Brazil. Located in the municipality of Araucária, Paraná, it accounts for approximately 12% of the domestic oil product production.

Management, Supervision, Planning and Control Services

RPBC - Refinery President Bernardes 

Commissioned by the Brazilian Government during the post-war period, the President Bernardes Refinery (RPBC) in Cubatão, São Paulo, was the first major refinery to be constructed after the establishment of the company. It is located at the base of the Serra do Mar Mountain range and intersected by the first paved road in Brazil, the Old São Paulo – Santos Road. 178,000 barrels are processed in the President Bernardes Refinery per day.

RECAP - Capuava Refinery 

Thirty percent (30%) of the volume of fuel consumed in the Greater São Paulo area is currently accounted by the Capuava Refinery (RECAP). The installation of the Capuava Refinery attracted other industries due to the easy accessibility to feedstock in the area, thus forming the Grande ABC Petrochemical Complex. 90% of the products processed in the Capuava Refinery are supplied domestically, providing products to the Grande ABC Petrochemical Complex and part of the São Paulo metro region, the largest consumer market South America.

REVAP - Henrique Lage Refinery 

Located on the banks of the Presidente Dutra Highway, the Henrique Lage Refinery (REVAP) is mainly responsible for supplying the São Paulo and Midwest markets with access to main consumer centres such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and the Port of São Sebastião. The Henrique Lage Refinery underwent multiple modernizations in an effort to reduce emissions of air pollution caused by vehicles and to adapt to growing national and international quality standards.

REMAN - Isaac Sabbá Refinery

The Isaac Sabbá Refinery (REMAN) was opened on January 3rd, 1957 on the left bank of the Negro River in Manaus, the state of Amazonas, by founder and entrepreneur, Isaac Sabbá with an event that was attended by the then president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitscheck. The refinery then went on to operate in the Petrobras System on May 31, 1974, generating 46,000 barrels per day.

RNEST - Refinery Abreu e Lima 

With diesel fuel being an essential part of moving goods and the country’s wealth, the Abreu e Lima Refinery (RNEST) is Petrobras’ unit with the highest crude oil conversion rate in diesel (70%) amongst all refineries in Brazil. 230,000 barrels of oil are processed per day of products including S-10 diesel, naphtha, fuel oil, coke, and liquefied petroleum gas.

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